Lab Grown vs. Natural Diamonds

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What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

  • A lab grown diamond is grown in a lab using technology, rather than mined from the ground.
  • Lab grown diamonds are a great, less expensive alternative to a natural diamond.
  • They are chemically, optically, and physically THE SAME as a natural diamond.
  • Only a high-end diamond tester can distinguish the difference between a natural and lab grown diamond.
  • They are graded by the same 4 C's as natural diamonds: color, cut, clarity, & carat.

lab grown vs. natural diamond comparison. Bichsel Jewelry in Sedalia, MO.

How are Lab Grown Diamonds made?

  • A diamond "seed" is placed in a plasma vacuum chamber under extreme heat, which releases carbon to build up the diamond.
  • The diamond grows over 8-12 weeks and is removed at a precise time to maximize quality.
  • Then, the diamond is cut and polished.

How lab grown diamonds are made. Lab grown diamond process. Bichsel Jewelry in Sedalia, MO.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

  • Lab grown diamonds are much easier to obtain than natural diamonds and thus are not rare, so they are significantly less expensive. Since natural diamonds form underground over millions of years and need to be mined out in a variety of ways, these rare gems hold their value over time, unlike a lab grown diamond.
  • However, if resale value is not a priority for you, the benefits of a lab grown diamond may be a great route for you. You can get a larger, higher quality lab grown diamond for much less compared to a natural diamond!
  • Get a bigger bang for your buck, whether for fine jewelry or an engagement ring! You can get a bigger pair of lab grown diamond studs for less, compared to natural diamond studs. It's also a great way to get a bigger carat weight for the diamond center stone in an engagement ring, or for a diamond wedding band.
  • Whether you choose lab or natural diamonds, Bichsel Jewelry has a wide variety of diamond jewelry styles in both options!

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