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About Bichsel Jewelry, in Sedalia, MO since 1865.

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Most amazing, kind-hearted people. They went above and beyond helping me with my engagement ring and making sure it was perfect. They answered all my questions and took the time out of their day to make sure I was taken care of just before Christmas. Recommend them to anyone. Great prices and knowledgeable staff. Thanks guys and gals.


Jewelry is tough. They make it easy. Who knew there is so much to diamonds?! I was shocked! Luckily, Jennifer and Mark simplified that for me and worked diligently with my budget and wants/needs in purchasing my engagement ring. The commitment to their customer is that which stands out, making sure you’re completely satisfied and just as happy to share in whatever moment you’re purchasing for. Thank you to all the staff for making a special day easier than I could have imagined!

Brandon G.
Bichsel Jewelry Store in Sedalia, MO. Providing fine jewelry, engagement rings, and quality services since 1865.

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