What Makes a Diamond Sparkle?

Anyone who has ever seen jewelry with a diamond might wonder what makes the gemstone sparkle. Many people choose these jewels for their sparkle. They like having a piece that stands out when light hits it just right.

Do Raw Diamonds Sparkle?

A diamond mined directly from the ground looks like a transparent rock. The raw diamond is still valuable because of its clarity, color, and weight. However, it is cheaper than finished diamonds since it lacks sparkle. It can become extraordinary after a diamond cutter cuts and polishes it.

What Makes Diamonds Sparkle?

A diamond cutter's skilled craftsmanship transforms the raw diamond into a finished gem. The expert can use laser-guided modern cutting tools to remove the diamond's rough exterior. They can also use a diamond-dusted cutting wheel to grind down and polish its sides. The diamond sparkles when the diamond cutter makes the facets have precise proportions and correct alignment. Light enters the diamond from various angles, and it reflects and bounces within the diamond.

What Affects Diamond Sparkle?

A beautifully cut diamond sparkles best when these effects balance well:

  • Fire: This term describes the elegant and colorful flashing effect produced by a diamond. The inner crystalline structure disperses light into a spectrum of stunning colors.
  • Brilliance: This term refers to the proportion of white light reflected through the diamond, making the gemstone seem lit from the inside.
  • Scintillation: Scintillation depends on movement, which is why wiggling one's finger can make the diamond ring flash. Light is bounced around the diamond's pattern, and the contrast of dark and light areas generates the gem's signature sparkle.

Where To Get A Diamond That Sparkles?

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